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ForeFlight IFR Real-World Mastery (FF)

THE ONLY ForeFlight Training from Gary GPS(Guy in the Pink Shirt) Reeves, the 2019 FAA National CFI of the Year and the top national expert in using ForeFlight for Single-Pilot IFR

OG(Original Gangster or Old Gary) content is included from previous training for free!

Real-life IFR pro tips from a Master Instructor who teaches with ForeFlight all over the world, not just a textbook or theory.
>14 hours Total avail soon
>7 hours of all new content being added constantly, PLUS
Every month new quizzes, real in-flight videos, scenarios, and more!
7 hours of original content included for free
Step-by-step instructions to make anyone a pro!
A detailed explanation of functions
Flight Planning
Emergency Use
Correcting common mistakes
1 full year of access to constant new updates and pro-tips
Coming Soon FAA Wings Credit and Certification of Training for 135 Operators
This Online Mastery set with an expert is the only training that is based on real-life flying, not just theory using ForeFlight®. Spend over 14 hours with our Master Instructor in the convenience of your own home on your schedule

Learning to use any new technology by reading a manual or watching a couple of free youtube videos, or by trial and error in-flight is dangerous, and you will never really master all of the amazing features. There are more airspace pilot deviations caused by people using apps incorrectly than by using paper charts. Why risk your safety or your certificate? Train with the most recognized National Expert and the 2019 FAA NATIONAL CFI OF THE YEAR!
  • Introduction
  • Airports/Maps/Documents
  • OG Airports/Maps/Docs
  • Weather
  • OG Weather
  • VFR Use
  • OG VFR Use
  • IFR Use
  • OG IFR
  • April 2020 IFR Tips
  • JET ONLY Procedures
  • Short Feature Videos
  • A better way to mount the Stratus in your airplane
  • Updating Stratus with iPhone
  • 3D View Version 11
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year